9 condyloma tips

Condyloma can cause inconveniences, cosmetic disfigurements and it can complicate your sexual relationships, but there are many good ways in which the disease can be treated. Apart from medications that are available without prescription, it is possible to get effective drugs for treating genital warts, such as Condyline.

9 useful tips if you discover signs of condyloma:
1. If you notice wart-like growths on or around the genitals that haven’t disappeared after a week, consult a doctor to confirm whether or not you have condyloma!

2. Be sure to use proper protection when engaging in sexual intercourse, a condom is the only thing that gives protection. You should be aware that condoms are poor protection against condyloma, since there may be warts outside the skin surface covered by the condom.

3. If you want to be sure not to pass the disease on to others, the best way is to avoid sex during the time you carry the infection. Unfortunately, the time it takes for a condyloma infection to go away is normally about 1-2 years.

4. Try non-prescription treatments against warts (Zymaderm, Naturasil and others). These medications may help some people to get rid of their genital warts faster.

5. Take care not to lend your towel to others in order to prevent the disease from spreading.

6. If the situation seems desperate, don’t forget that the infection will disappear! About 80 % of all infected people are completely healed within 1-2 years after the appearance of the first wart. Even chronic condyloma infections that may last for 5-6 years eventually disappear.

7. If you experience a few scattered warts once or twice a year you can see a doctor (urologist, gynaecologist) to have the warts removed. Cryotherapy (freezing) is the most common method nowadays, and is performed under anaesthesia. Remember that you may infect others even if you don’t have visible warts.

8. If you are pregnant and have a condyloma infection, be aware that you may pass the infection on to your child when delivering. Consult your doctor about how this might affect your child.

9. Don’t forget that condyloma can never be lethal for anyone. The infection involves cosmetic inconveniences and complicates sexual intercourse, but that is all the disease does during a limited period of time.

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