Condyloma treatment

Do you have a condyloma infection? Depending on your immune system and how long you have been infected, the size and spread of the warts may vary. Left untreated, it may take several years for the warts to disappear, but there are different treatment options that can help to ease symptoms and remove the warts. If you want to try medication for self-treatment before going to the doctor for cryosurgery, you can find reviews below on medications against gential warts.

Condyloma and genital wart treatments


Aldara acts through its active substance by stimulating your immune system to attack wart formations around the genital area. It stimulates the release of natural chemicals (cytokines), which prevents replication and spread of the HPV virus. This also prevents the growth of warts. Aldara is overall a effetive treatment and is especially useful for people who do not respond to treatments with Podophyllotoxin like Condyline or Warticon.

Suitable for treatment of large genital warts: Yes
Suitable for treatment of wart clusters: Yes
Earliest visible results expected after: 8 weeks
Price from: £98/ 12 Sachets
Where to buy it: Web pharmacy/Aldara
Final assessment: Aldara is a good all round treatment. The medication give good results on stopping growth of wart strutures and replication of the wart-virus. Aldara is particularly suited for individuals that dont respond well to treatments containing Podophyllotoxin like Warticon or Condyline.



Condyline is a short-acting medication for condyloma and genital warts. The medication contains an active substance,Podophyllotoxin,which has a strong toxic influence on wart structures caused by condyloma or genital warts. Condyline attacks the core of the wart and dead cells are replaced with new ones when the wart dies. Condyline is likely the most fast-acting medicine for treating genital warts and is a good option for individuals that cant get good results using other medications such as Aldara

Suitable for treatment of large genital warts: Yes
Suitable for treatment of wart clusters: Yes
Earliest visible results expected after: after 20 days
Price from: £54 / 1 bottle containing 3,5 ml liquid solution
Where to buy it: Web pharmacy/Condyline
Final assessment: Condyline is a good choice for individuals that need a effective and fast-acting treatment for for condyloma and genital warts. Visible reductions of wart structures can be seen within 20 days under favorable conditions.

The doctor’s treatments for condyloma
The most common treatment for condyloma conducted by doctors is cryotherapy. The treatment is done under local anaesthesia by applying a cold liquid to the warts, with a brush or aerosol, which kills the warts. In other countries there are other methods available, such as burning off the warts with a laser or sometimes even by using electricity.

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