Curing condyloma

Curing condyloma
Warts appearing on and around the genitals as the result of an HPV infection can be removed by the use of wart removal solutions available for self-treatment. There are also effective medications such as Condyline or Wartec that give excellent results and help the body to recover considerably faster.

When does condyloma disappear, when are you healed?
When your body is ready and your immune system has discovered a way to destroy the virus, the warts usually disappear quickly, in a few weeks. Normally, it takes 1-2 years for the body to get rid of HPV infections, including condyloma. In order to speed up the healing time, you should keep up a strong immune system through a healthy lifestyle.

How can genital warts be removed before the HPV infection is completely healed?
As previously mentioned, wart growths may be removed before the disease has left your body, for example by the use of over-the-counter wart treatments.

Medical treatment
If you consult a doctor about how to cure your condyloma infection, you will probably be recommended to have your genital warts removed by burning or freezing. These are simple procedures that are performed under local anaesthesia, often using anaesthetic ointment. Freezing is the most common method, which involves applying liquid nitrogen on the wart. After a short while, the wart dies and can be scraped off. These treatments can leave minor scars that are clearly visible at first, but with time they will disappear almost completely.

Immunity against condyloma
If you have had a condyloma infection which completely healed, then you have probably developed immunity against it, which means that you are very unlikely to be infected by the same strain of condyloma again. The bad news is that there are many different types of condyloma and genital warts that can affect you. However, your body has most likely developed a stronger defence against infections when it has destroyed the disease once.

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