Treating condyloma at home

Treatments for condyloma to use at home
HPV is the virus causing the warts, and your body will destroy the virus when it is ready, which usually happens within 24 months after you have caught an infection. If you don’t want to wait for the warts to go away on their own, there are a few options available for treating condyloma and genital warts. You should always confirm with a doctor that you have an HPV infection before beginning to treat symptoms on your own.

Medications for removing condyloma
There are a handful medications used for removing condyloma which are currently available on the market without prescription. These are especially designed for treating strains of HPV that attack the genital area, especially condyloma and genital warts. Two examples of nonprescription wart treatments are Zymaderm and Naturasil, which can be effective for some people. Side effects of all wart solutions are minor types of skin irritation, especially if the product is overused. Always read the information leaflet carefully when treating warts at home.

Condyline (for treating condyloma)
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